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Cushion and Mattress
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Boat Cushion
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Bolster Cushion
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Furniture Upholstery Foam & Sheets

Who Are We?

FOAMMA is a uniquely branded company that deals in almost all types of foams. We pride ourselves as one of the best in this industry, given our depth of experience and pool of professionals. In addition, our long track record and tradition of manufacturing and supplying the best cushions and mattresses have set us apart from our competitors. At FOAMMA, we are driven by our motivation and passion for excellence and the ability to satisfy our clients with top-quality products. Having been established for many years now, we have explored the length and breadth of furniture upholstery foams and sheets of various kinds.

Our Services

Customers can take advantage of our comprehensive suite of services to ensure they get high-quality products. Our services are of the highest standards because satisfying customers is our number one priority. For instance, we offer manufacturing, sales & supply, and delivery of our various products. In addition, we also offer consultancy services.
The Foams We Have?
At FOAMMA, we have an exhaustive list of foam types that can help serve the needs of our clients. We all have our unique personal needs when it comes to foams. We stock all the types of foams you could need. Our range of foams include, though is not limited to, the following;
HR-33 2.5’ (Medium) Fantastic Cadillac’ Foam 18 OurFoam’
FA 1.2’ (Soft Foams) 24 OurFoam’
Boat Foam’ 24 OurFoam’
FA 1.4’ (Medium Foams) 30 OurFoam’
Packing Foam’ (Convoluted Foams) 18 OurFoam’
FA 1.8’ (High-Density foams’) our commonest foam 30 OurFoam
Charcoal Foams’ 18 OurFoam’
FA 2.2’ (High-Density’ Extra Foams’) 24 OurFoam’
Dry fast Foam’ (outdoor Foams’) 24 OurFoam’
Latex Natural foam’ (with certificates) 24 OurFoam’
Gel memory foams’ No change 18 OurFoam’
Acoustic Foams’ (any shape) 24 OurFoam’

Our Machinery

The foam industry has had to manage higher customer demands in recent times. Times are changing, and we intend to keep up with the trends. We employ the most recent cutting-edge technologies and state of the art machinery to product design and quality are never compromised.

The Products We Make?

As a company inclined to achieve clients satisfaction at all costs, we try to diversify our range of products to make sure customers are happy anytime they come to us. Some of our most highly esteemed products include foam cubes, pillow cushions, RV mattresses, Foam by sheets, and customized products of various kinds. As long as our products are concerned, you need to know that we serve some of the highest and best quality foams.


We manufacture and sell almost any type of foam. That is because, from high-density and packing foams to medium foams and soft foams, and others, we can help you meet any of your unique foam needs. Of course, we would not offer you anything short of the best quality because we have been in this business longer than you can imagine.
We look forward to doing business with you soon!
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